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Terms & Conditions

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in: 15:00 to 18:00

Check-out: Until 11:00

・Early check-in / Late check-out may be available depending on the day. Please inquire the day before your check-in/out. (¥5,000/h)

・If you check out late without prior notice, there will be an additional charge of ¥5,000 /15 minutes.

・If you don't arrive by 18:00 without prior notice, we will consider your reservation cancelled. Please understand that refunds cannot be issued. (except in extenuating circumstances)

Regarding Your Stay

Prohibited Items

・Maximum of 2 guests (entrance is for staying guests only)
・Only children over the age of 13 are allowed
・No pets allowed
・No parties or events
・Commercial photography is prohibited
・Drones are prohibited
・No smoking in the entire building
・No cooking/BBQ allowed
・Use of candles, incense, fireworks, etc. is strictly forbidden
・To prevent color transfer, decorations using fresh flower petals and bath bombs are not allowed


・Due to the structure being prone to echoing, please be considerate of the volume of music, television, and voices
・Steam may trigger the fire alarm, so please keep the bathroom door closed when taking a shower
・Leaving water or hot water running can empty the soft water system tank, stopping water supply to other rooms. Please avoid leaving taps running

・Guests must provide valid identification upon check-in
・As the curtains are very easy broken, please make sure that the window is closed and that there are no objects near the curtain storage slits when using the curtains.

・Please don't park your car near the entrance of the hotel, for other guests who wants to take photos in front of the hotel,

・If you do not turn off all the lights when going out, you may find insects gathered on the terrace when you return to your room.

Regarding Consecutive Stays

・For consecutive stays, towel exchange and trash collection are available (12:00~14:00)
・For stays of 3 nights or more, mid-stay linen exchange and bed making are available upon request

Other Information

・In case of violations of the above terms, additional charges may apply.

・You will be responsible for compensating any damage or loss to the hotel's facilities, furniture, fixtures, equipment, or other property that is not caused by force majeure.

・The hotel is not liable for any accidents, injuries due to guest negligence, or injuries caused by animals or plants not kept by the hotel.

Cancellation Policy

For Guests who have booked through a reservation website

The cancellation policy indicated on the reservation site will apply.

If the reservation site does not provide a cancellation policy, the policy below applies.

For Guests who have booked directly

[Basic Policy]

Regarding cancellation or date changes, the following cancellation/change fees apply:

■ Up to 30 days before:

0% of the accommodation fee

※ If there's a difference between the original and the new accommodation cost, we will either refund the difference or charge you the additional amount.

■ 29 days to the day of:

100% of the accommodation fee

※ If it's within 48 hours from the time of your booking, both cancellation and changes are free of charge.


If an unforeseen and uncontrollable event occurs after confirming the reservation, an exception policy will apply separate from the basic policy.

■ Applicable Circumstances

In this policy, the term "event" refers to circumstances that occur after the reservation, that were unforeseeable at the time of booking, or that legally prohibit the completion of the reservation.

Changes in government travel requirements: If unexpected visa or passport requirements by governmental agencies make travel to the destination impossible. This does not include loss or expiration of travel documents, or other personal circumstances related to guest's travel permissions.

Declaration of emergency and epidemics: When a government declares a regional or national emergency, epidemic, pandemic, or a public health emergency. This does not include diseases like malaria in Thailand or dengue fever in Hawaii that already exist in the region.

Government-imposed travel restrictions: If travel to or from the facility becomes impossible due to governmental restrictions. This does not include non-binding travel advisories or similar government instructions.

Military actions and other hostile acts: War, hostile actions, invasions, civil wars, terrorism, explosions, bombings, rebellions, riots, coups, civil disturbances, insurrections.

Natural disasters: Natural disasters, acts of God, widespread infrastructure failures, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe weather events. This does not include predictable events such as typhoons during the typhoon season (June-October).

Flight cancellations: Unpredictable flight cancellations due to airline or related company strikes. This does not include cancellations due to predictable weather or natural events during typhoon season (June-October).

Death or serious illness: Death or serious illness of the person making the reservation or their traveling companion.

■ Non-Applicable Circumstances

All other circumstances.

Cancellation under this policy is only possible if one of the above circumstances applies.

All other circumstances are excluded.

Examples of situations not covered by this policy include:

・Unexpected illnesses, diseases, or injuries
・Civic duties including jury duty, court appearances, and military deployment
・Government advisories not amounting to a travel ban
・Cancellation or date change of an event for which the booking was made
・Transport disruptions unrelated to applicable events (road closures, cancellation of flights/trains/buses/ferries, etc.)
In such situations, the refund amount will be determined by the basic policy.

travel or cancellation insurance

As per the policy mentioned above, we do not provide refunds for cancellations due to foreseeable natural phenomena such as typhoons during the typhoon season (June to October).

We recommend that you obtain travel or cancellation insurance to ensure refunds in case of flight or accommodation cancellations.

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